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Small Stool Plan

Not only did we build this project, but we did a couple of videos to help others. We were able to build the entire plan with just a 2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood. In the first video we demonstrate the “building” of the project: In the second, for those…

Mini Router Table
Anyone who has been using a router for some time has probably worked on a project where the router was simply too much of a beast to be able to effectively do the job. Smaller projects often call for some level of precision and don’t often provide a stable... Read more
Free Saw Horse Plans
What does every handyman or woodworker need?  Saw horses! This is a quick and easy plan that only uses 2 x 4’s and screws. BTW, be sure you use screws so that this project can be knocked down for easy travel and storage. A sawhorse is such a basic... Read more
There are many schools that have woodworking programs that will often publish free wood plans.  I came across a set of free woodworking plans today from Purdue.  It looks like these are part of a 4H program. There are 12 plans in all and all of the woodworking plans... Read more
Folding work bench plans.
A fellow woodworker asked if I had a plan for a folding workbench or work center. I was able to come up with a few and have listed them here. A folding work bench is an ideal solution for a small shop, or for a shop that shares floor... Read more
If you are like me, your lumber storage can get out of hand, especially this time of the year.  When you have multiple projects going on, it is too easy to just set down your scrap and continue working.  Well, this isn’t the end all solution, but it should... Read more
Drill and Bit Organizer
If you are like me, your workshop might be a mess from time to time. You are working on more than one project and your power tools from each might not be put away. Your bits are out of their cases and the scrap wood and other material that... Read more
Router Table Plans

Router Table Plans

Workshop Plans February 14, 2007 2

These router table plans are from woodworkers workshop and might be  a little fancier than what you are after, but you can’t argue with the function that this router table provides. Features of this router table and workstation Storage for bits, jigs, and supplies Dust collection Fence Easily accessible... Read more
Work Center Plans
This workcenter could be used in the workshop, craft area, garage, or outdoors.  This is a real versatile project ant the plans are as thorough as the get.  The plans come from GP (Georgia Pacific) and are very detailed.  There is a full material list and cut list along... Read more
This workshop toolbox is a real beauty.  When working on a small project your tolerances are tighter and you can really show your woodworking skill (or lack of).  This workshop tool box could be used for many other purposes, but whatever it is used for, make sure you show... Read more
Kitchen Island Plans
If you have the room for an island in your kitchen, this is a nice project plan and can roll away if you are a bit cramped for space. Doesn’t everyone want more counter top space or cabinet storage?  At times it is very useful.  This kitchen island is... Read more