Free Wheelbarrow Planter Plans
This rustic looking wheelbarrow planter is a great addition to your garden.  The free plans will have you adding this decorative piece with your plants this summer. There are two sets of plans for this wheelbarrow planter, a beginner set and a more advanced one.  The very detailed PDF... Read more
Free Wishing Well Plant Stand Plan
A nice addition to any garden is delivered in these free plans for a Wishing Well Plant Stand.  It is great for shade loving plants. Simple drawings with good labels lead the way down the garden path to ultimate completion.  Well written directions will not lead you astray.  You... Read more
Planter Box Plans – Criss Cross Pattern
Never enough planter plans! I think that we have probably featured more than 10 planter plans over the past few years.  We have shared planter boxes, window boxes, planters with a bench among the plans.   The reason for this is similar to the reason that we have featured... Read more
Movable Planter for your Patio or Deck
The following plans are for very nice wheeled planter boxes.  The boxes don’t have to be on wheels (casters), but if this is right for your space, go for it. These planters have a fantastic shape and provide a very contemporary feel.   I could see these around a... Read more
How to Build a Window Box Planter
  With spring time here, you might be looking for the perfect planter box plans.  This plan comes from DIY network and will allow you to build a planter box of any length.  The plan is well documented and can be adjusted for any window width. Since it is... Read more
Indoor Outdoor Planter Plans
We have featured many planter box plans over the past few years.  This is such a great project and many of these planter boxes can be used inside or out.  This particular planter is made using techniques that I would probably limit to interior spaces, or covered spaces such... Read more
Elevated Garden Bed Plans
A garden bed might not seem like the ideal project now that the snow has started to fly in most areas around the country, but I want to be sure that we are ready when spring comes.  If you have the room for this garden bed, there is no... Read more
Window Box Planter Plans
I was rather surprised that we have never published a plan for a window box planter.  This is a terrific project that does wonders to dress up a home.  Adding window boxes, with the right plantings, can turn a house from boring into sophisticated and classic.  A flowering window... Read more
Free Planter Plans – Simple and Clean
I am not sure why, but planter plans (often referred to as planter box plans) are one of the most popular free wood plan items that we have at  In fact, more than 25,000 people have checked out our post on “free planter box plans” that was published back... Read more
Planter Bench Plans
We have included planter bench plans in the past (, but decided to offer a very similar plan.  The reason for this is that the source ( did such a great job with this plan.  In addition to that, the plan is a bit simpler than the first plan... Read more

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