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Simple A-Frame Swing Set Plans
One of the more popular plans at are the playset plans.  They never go out of style and what kid (or parent) wouldn’t want one? Some of our swing set / play set plans are rather elaborate with forts on top, and picnic tables and/or sandboxes underneath.  The... Read more
Child’s Swing Plans – High Low Swing
A reader sent in a request for a plan with this directive: “A pattern for a children’s wooden swing. It needs to have some sort of bar across the front and a middle strap for safety.” (Thanks for the request Cindy V.) Without a picture of the item,... Read more
Amazing Kids Playhouse Plans – FREE!
Just about every kid would LOVE an awesome playhouse.  We built a playhouse for my son about 5 or 6 years ago and he still uses it to this day.  Our playhouse is similar to this free plan. We didn’t have a deck at the bottom, but we did... Read more
Free Cornhole Game Plans
If you aren’t familiar with the game Corn hole by name, you will certainly know the game when you see it.  It has become a summertime staple across the country. This is the game where you toss bean bags (filled with corn, not beans) onto an angled board with... Read more
Canoe or Kayak Cart Plans
If you have a canoe, kayak, or a small boat that needs to be moved from one location to another with any regularity, you will understand how important a set of wheels can be. We recently purchased a cottage on Lake Erie. We generally leave our canoe down by... Read more
Free Club House Plans
Free Club House Plans Growing up, my counsins and I had a cheap pastel colored plastic monstrosity play house that my parents gladly shoved in the back corner behind some bushes. This Free Club House Plan is not only the perfect play palace, it’s also an attractive addition to... Read more
Free Canoe Plans
Free Canoe Plans The best way to truly enjoy a lake or bay in the summer is in a kayak or canoe. This Free Canoe Plan isn’t the easiest of woodwork projects, but it is a great summer build and something to really be proud of. The instructional guide... Read more
Free Sports Rack Plans
Free Sports Rack Plans Sports balls, gloves, and helmets, are constantly misplaced in garages and sheds. They don’t fit particularity neatly on typical shelving units. This free Sports Rack how-to is a really simple build and easy way to keep all of that equipment in some kind of order.... Read more
Free Folding Wine Counter Plans
Free Folding Wine Counter Plans Entertaining in small spaces requires a lot of planning and creativity, so why not put those same skills into use before the party and build this Folding Wine Counter.  It may take a little time and a lot of skill, but the wine rack,... Read more
Would you expect anything less than awesome poker table plans from a Princeton Man? These plans are on a personal page at Princeton University.  This poker table plan is easy to follow, FREE, and a great design.  This is a plan that anyone can build and will leave you... Read more