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Child’s Swing Plans – High Low Swing Child’s Swing Plans – High Low Swing

A reader sent in a request for a plan with this directive:
“A pattern for a children’s wooden swing. It needs to have some sort of bar across the front and a middle strap for safety.” (Thanks for the request Cindy V.)

Without a picture of the item, it is a bit difficult to know if we got this one right, since it is a unique request, however we decided to run with the plan that we felt fit.

We located a free online plan for a children’s high-low swing. If you remember back in the day, before everything was made of injection molded plastic (and in China) swings for babies and children were generally made of metal or wood. I remember singeing myself as I jumped up to the metal swing that was baking in the sun all day.

child's high low swing plans

If you remember back to these swings, they weren’t very comfortable, but they were pretty safe. The plan above (click the link for the plan) is lacking a center piece that would stop a child from sliding out. However, I am including it here so that you have a decent idea of the different construction methods.

After searching online for a bit, I located a product for sale that seemed to fit the needs of our visitor. However, this was not a wood plan. It was a finished project. We utilized that project as a basis for our plan (Sketchup plan). Click on the first image below for the link to the Sketchup plans.

Child's swing

You might be able to get complete dimensions from the 3d Sketchup plan at

This version of the child’s swing seemed like a very nice update. I have included a number of images below. If you are having trouble with the construction, please let me know.

A nice swing that just about anyone can build
  • Easy to build
  • Minimal joinery or technique
  • Safety concerns

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