Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Arbor Swing Plans
Read the instructions completely before building this project. There is a revised material list at the bottom of this post along with comments regarding changes needed. The DIY site has information that is different from their actual plans. An arbor swing is a lovely way to accent your garden or yard. ...
Free Children’s Playground Plans
This is a free plan for s children’s playground.  Boasting a swing, slide, and sandbox, there is plenty to keep your little ones entertained for hours outside.  The out of pocket costs are high on this project but the rewards are greater. Tools needed: 3/8” and ½” bits 3” Hole...
Free Airplane Swing Plans
Need a custom swing for your newly built Playground? This airplane swing has cuteness in spades.  These free plans will have your little one flying high in their own airplane.  If you have more than one child you may need a whole squadron of these swings. To get started... Read more
Free Arbor Swing Plans
Free Children’s Playground Plans
Free Lawn Swing Plans – Cool Arch Support
  The following is a relatively simple lawn swing plans that includes what many swing plans do not… the plans for the arch support! The great thing about this arch support plan is that it is a unique style that adds a lot to the design of the lawn... Read more
Free Porch Swing Plans
      I purchase a porch swing / patio swing from a well known mail order company about 5 years ago.  Obviously, this is something that I could have built on my own, but my wife wanted to swing and I was in the midst of a renovation... Read more
Free Porch Glider Project Plans PDF
We have shared a Porch Glider Plan in the past, but a variation on the theme is always in order.  Everyone has a slightly different aesthetic and, even though the methods are essentially the same, seeing a design that suits your style is much more likely to get you... Read more
Free porch swing plans
Who doesn’t love a nice porch swing or garden swing.  A swing can be a tricky item to build if it is highly detailed and includes joints and techniques that they average woodworker doesn’t often utilize.  The reason that I like this plan is because it is simplified, yet beautiful,... Read more
Child’s Swing Plans – High Low Swing
Free Swing Plans – Porch or Lawn
The following free porch swing plans come from the fine folks at Workbench Magazine. If you have ever wanted to build your own swing, you probably have concerns about strength and safety (as well you should). Following a nice swing plan like this should give you some comfort that... Read more
Free Porch Swing Plan
Free Porch Swing Plan One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful transition weather from summer to fall is with a great outdoor swing. This sturdy Free Porch Swing Plan comes complete with a frame to a porch is barely a necessity. You could also just build the... Read more