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Free Lawn Swing Plans – Cool Arch Support Free Lawn Swing Plans – Cool Arch Support


The following is a relatively simple lawn swing plans that includes what many swing plans do not… the plans for the arch support!

Lawn swing and support plans

The great thing about this arch support plan is that it is a unique style that adds a lot to the design of the lawn swing.  Many swings end up attached to a permanent structure that really limits the function of the space in your yard. This plan is something that is relatively light weight and could be dragged from place to place by a couple of people (unlike a permanent arbor swing).

To be frank, the swing itself is very plain.  The beauty in this plan is the bent wood arch support.  If I build this item, I will probably couple the arch support with a more stylish swing.

The arch look can be achieved with a number of different methods that aren’t defined in the plan description so this plan might not be a “beginner” plan.  The arch could be achieved by bending the 1 1/2″ wood support, or it could be achieved by cutting the arch from a very wide 2x board (perhaps a 2″x12″ in this case).  If you look at the diagram (plan drawing) it almost looks like the wood was split and bent. With the right piece of wood, I am certain that you could achieve this with a little stress on the board. The gap is only 16″ after all.   In fact, a closer look at the board does show a carriage bolt where the cut stops.  This would indicate that the board is manually bent from that point.  The carriage bolt will keep the wood from continuing to split along that line.

Be sure that your lumber is free of knots along the arched section.  This is very likely to split during the process.  If your board is particularly tough, you could soak it and force it apart a little at a time.  Trust me, with patience, you will get there and will have an arched swing support that others envy.

Good luck and have fun at

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