Greene and Greene Style Adirondack Chair Plans – Free
The following Adirondack Chair is a thing of beauty.  If you are a fan of craftsman, or mission, style furniture you will undoubtedly love this Greene and Greene inspired Adirondack Chair plan.  As always, this plan is free and joins our list or more than 10 unique, free Adirondack Chair Plans!...
Folding Work Table – Bench Plans
The following plan is another one from American Woodworker Magazine.  Wordbench plans seem to be some of the most popular on our site.  Everyone needs a workbench or 2 and a portable (folding) unit can be ideal.  The key is to have a unit that doesn’t sacrifice stability for... Read more
Coat Rack Cabinet Plans
Many of the plans that I locate to share on Woodwork City are here because I had a personal need.  I don’t always build the projects, but may I do.  This is a nice coat rack plan.  It is really a coat rack cabinet with cubbies for storage.  I... Read more
Free Captain's Chair Plans
Good Day Woodworkers, Today I have free plans for you, detailing all that you will need to create a beautiful Captain’s Chair. A favorite standard for any kitchen, or workshop for that matter. The Bill of Materials is about halfway down the page, and the woodworking plans are appropriately... Read more
Free Wooden Pedestal Lamp Plans
Hello Woodworkers! Today we are merging the two worlds of woodworking and electricity. A wooden pedestal lamp is a wonderful addition to anyone’s workshop, not to mention the plans themselves are very concise; there are few materials needed for this project. Padauk, specifically African Padauk, is the recommended wood... Read more
Amazing Free Wooden Drawing Board Plans
Salutations Woodworkers! As you know, we have been adding to the workshop recently. I came across these wonderful wooden drawing board plans I thought you would absolutely love. Now, technical drawing is not always a favorite task, and with our computers being as capable as they are today, planning... Read more
Free Mitre Sled Plans
Hello there Readers, Over the next few days, we are going to focus on pieces made in the workshop (of course) for the workshop. Hopefully these plans help improve your current working space and allow you to expand the variety of projects you are able to take on. First... Read more
Free Wooden Sawhorse Plans
Readers, No matter what profession or hobby you find yourself in, there are always those basic items that will make you life easier, but you don’t always have readily available. One such tool is the ever useful sawhorse. Every workshop needs at least one, and it is easily made... Read more
Free Frame and Panel Wainscoting Plans
Wainscoting will make any home look a little bit more special.  If you are in a new build with plain beige walls, a simple wainscoting detail can make a world of difference.  The best part is that it is simple and relatively inexpensive to achieve a very nice look.... Read more
We have a surprising number of visitors searching for free bat house plans or bat house blueprints.  I suppose if you are in a mosquito infested area, you will want to bring some bats in to keep the mosquito population down. What better way to do that (naturally) than... Read more
Greene and Greene Style Adirondack Chair Plans – Free

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