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Free Captain's Chair Plans Free Captain's Chair Plans

Good Day Woodworkers,

Today I have free plans for you, detailing all that you will need to create a beautiful Captain’s Chair. A favorite standard for any kitchen, or workshop for that matter. The Bill of Materials is about halfway down the page, and the woodworking plans are appropriately illustrated. It’s a wonderfully simple design that takes into account the fact that not everyone has every necessary tool for the job. It offers an alternative way for the woodworker to create the classic curved Captain’s Chair’s back.

You have so many creative options open to you when taking on this particular woodworking project, especially when it comes to the aesthetic aspects, such as color. Everything from black shellac to wood stain are good choices when wrestling with the decoration debate. If you click on the picture below, you will be linked directly to the free plans. I hope that you find these plans helpful, informative, and fun. Take care –

Free captain's chair plans



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