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Adirondack Chair Plan – Jet Tools
Our latest Adirondack chair find comes from the folks at Jet Tools.  If you are a serious woodworker, or have considered a serious wood shop, you should recognize Jet Tools.  They are a terrific mid-range tool in terms of price, for the serious woodworker.  You can find Jet Tools... Read more
Adirondack Shelter Plans
The following is a terrific plan from the University of Tennessee Extension. The school has compiled a list of the plans that are primarily for agricultural applications. There are more than 300 free plans provided (Free Plan List). I selected a nice plan that can be used throughout the... Read more
Free Cupola CAD 3D Sketchup
The following might only be for advanced woodworkers and software / Sketchup geeks.  This plan is a 3d model in Google’s Sketchup product. Frequent visitors will see that we have referenced Sketchup plans in the past. If you want to play with a terrific program, download Sketchup.  It is... Read more
Free Pergola / Trellis Plan
Here is another terrific pergola plan.  This is very similar to the other pergola plans provided at Woodwork City.    As with some of the other pergola offerings, this can also be built as a freestanding unit. This plan comes from one of the many fantastic Sunset books and... Read more
Bathroom Shelf Plans

Bathroom Shelf Plans

Indoor Plans December 28, 2010 0

I found myself in need of an unusually sized bathroom cabinet or shelf recently. We are renovating a house built in 1889 and had a plumbing chase that has an access panel in an unusual size. I decided it would make sense to build my own cabinet /shelf to... Read more
Plans for a Planter with Trellis
If you are anything like my wife, your patio garden might be getting a little out of hand right about now.  The runaway cucumber plant needs some support.  This project is for a planter with a trellis that will help the plantings to move up rather than out.  The... Read more
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Free Saw Horse Plans
What does every handyman or woodworker need?  Saw horses! This is a quick and easy plan that only uses 2 x 4’s and screws. BTW, be sure you use screws so that this project can be knocked down for easy travel and storage. A sawhorse is such a basic... Read more
Children's Picnic Table Plans
Everyone needs a picnic table in their back yard at some point.  Most of us who have kids, and relatives with kids, also understand the need for a “KIDS TABLE”. It is like a rite of passage when a kid moves up to the grown up table. Even outdoors,... Read more
Free Wooden Playset Swing Set Plans
We are 3 for 3 on the Free wooden play set plans in the past 3 days.  It is June and the sun is shining, so can you blame us? The following set of free plans is probably the most popular swing set / play set / backyard fort... Read more