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Free Sandbox Plans
Time for that new sandbox? Here are some terrific, and free, plans for a sand box that is simple to build and has a feature that will keep the pests out.  After all, you don’t want your child’s sand box to turn into the neighborhood litter box. It is... Read more
If you are like me, you would want something that has more style and is a bit more substantial, in appearance, than a 4″ x 4″ porch post. Too often, I see a porch post that is a simple 4×4 that looks like a toothpick compared to the structure... Read more
Simple Bench Plans
Every so often a simple woodworking plan can be the most rewarding. Do you have a lot of projects that are backed up in your garage or workshop? If so, it can be very nice to find a “gimme”. A simple project plan that you can knock out in... Read more
Free birdhouse wood plan
Get ready for spring with this free birdhouse woodworking plan. The picture of the finished project is linked to the picture below. A birdhouse can be a simple project and a great one to do with your kids. After building a fence I ended up with a good deal... Read more
Would you expect anything less than awesome poker table plans from a Princeton Man? These plans are on a personal page at Princeton University.  This poker table plan is easy to follow, FREE, and a great design.  This is a plan that anyone can build and will leave you... Read more
Garden Bridge Plans
This is a simple garden bridge plan that is the perfect woodworking project for early spring. This bridge gives the appearance of an arch due to the arched railing, but the bottom portion is a pretty simple straight run. Supplies Needed: 1 x 8 Six-Foot Treated Lumber (5) 1... Read more
Free Cottage Plan

Free Cottage Plan

Outdoor Plans February 5, 2007 1

Maybe a cottage plan might not be considered woodworking, but I know that most woodworkers feel the need to build everything themselves (or with a few friends). Because of that, I will often include plans that you might consider “construction” rather than “woodworking”. This free cottage plan is a... Read more