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Adirondack Chair Plan – Jet Tools Adirondack Chair Plan – Jet Tools

Our latest Adirondack chair find comes from the folks at Jet Tools.  If you are a serious woodworker, or have considered a serious wood shop, you should recognize Jet Tools.  They are a terrific mid-range tool in terms of price, for the serious woodworker.  You can find Jet Tools at stores like Rockler Woodworking.  Why don’t you visit the the Jet Tools section of Rockler Woodworking to take a look for yourself. Get on the Rockler mailing list, or request a free Rockler Woodworking catalog today. Disclosure: We are an affiliate of Rockler.

This free Adirondack chair plan is a classic one and probably brings us to more than 10 free Adirondack chair plans featured at Woodwork City over the past three years.  Click on the image to be taken to the free PDF wood plan for the Adirondack chair (courtesy of Jet Tools).

Adirondack chair plans from Jet Tools

Adirondack chair plans from Jet Tools

Take a look at other Free Adirondack Chair Plans that we have provided over the past few years:

We love providing multiple styles for the Adirondack chair. Everyone has their own taste and a style that is attractive to one person might not be to another. In fact, I know many woodworkers who will take all of the Adirondack plans in and mix and match the styles.

Some like the Adirondack chair style that is simple with a straight back (not as uncomfortable as you might think, and your guests might not overstay their welcome).  While others like the low slung look like the plan you see in this post.  Fair warning, seniors might not have the easiest time getting out of the low slung Adirondack Chair.

Personally, I appreciate the combination of form and function. A variation in the width of the back slats along with a nice taper to the slat is more pleasing to the eye (my opinion). There is a bit more work involved when compared to a simple slat that is a single width and not tapered, but with a plan and patience, your project can turn out terrific.

Good luck with the latest free Adirondack chair plan from!  Remember, click on the picture to link to the free plan download.  This is a PDF plan.

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