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Free Wooden Pedestal Lamp Plans Free Wooden Pedestal Lamp Plans

Hello Woodworkers!

Today we are merging the two worlds of woodworking and electricity. A wooden pedestal lamp is a wonderful addition to anyone’s workshop, not to mention the plans themselves are very concise; there are few materials needed for this project.

Padauk, specifically African Padauk, is the recommended wood for this particular woodworking project. It’s a warm brown color, and is sought after by woodworkers because of it’s toughness and solidarity in finished products. There is room for creative license with this lamp project.

I am always a fan of dual purpose factoring into whatever it is I do, be it taking on a new task at work, or cleaning at home. The old adage, “…two birds with one stone,” comes into play with this plan. It incorporates a truly visible measure of enlightenment, as well as an intellectual one, due to the edifying nature of this particular woodworking plan. I hope you enjoy creating this lamp as much as I enjoyed writing about it. The picture below is linked directly to these plans. Until next time –

Pedestal lamp plans

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