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Free Wooden Sawhorse Plans Free Wooden Sawhorse Plans


No matter what profession or hobby you find yourself in, there are always those basic items that will make you life easier, but you don’t always have readily available. One such tool is the ever useful sawhorse. Every workshop needs at least one, and it is easily made from leftover materials! Guess what else folks; you get to utilize that wonderful mitre sled you just made. What more could you ask? for it to look good too? Why not.

Classically rugged and sturdy to boot, this wooden sawhorse is a great addition to any workshop. These plans are detailed and concise (the images are not very refined), but not without the flair of the craftsman who is writing them. As an aside to his readers, he offers this genuine sentiment at one point, “Oh, and don’t paint them.. good saw horses get that nice rough look they deserve with out any paint or finish.”
The plans for this wooden sawhorse are, as usual, completely free of charge. Click the picture below to be linked to the complete plans.
For what it’s worth, I enjoy being informed, and if there happens to be an entertaining voice behind that information, it makes the experience that much better. As simple as these sawhorse plans are, he seems to thoroughly enjoy what he does. I hope these add to your expanding workshop as useful, utilized tools. Until next time!

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