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Greene and Greene Style Adirondack Chair Plans – Free Greene and Greene Style Adirondack Chair Plans – Free
Greene and Greene Style Adirondack Chair Plans – Free

The following Adirondack Chair is a thing of beauty.  If you are a fan of craftsman, or mission, style furniture you will undoubtedly love this Greene and Greene inspired Adirondack Chair plan.  As always, this plan is free and joins our list or more than 10 unique, free Adirondack Chair Plans!

This plan comes from the fine folks at Porter Cable.  Porter Cable has been around for years and was probably introduced to many of us in middle school wood shop class, or via Norm Abram’s New Yankee Workshop.  Either way, we benefit from the plans provided by the tool manufacturers.  If they can sell one more router because they put out a free wood plan, then it is in their best interest to do so.

Greene and Greene inspired Adirondack Chair

Greene and Greene inspired Adirondack Chair

On with this free Adirondack Chair plan.  Take a look at the graphic.  You will notice the quality of the finishing work on this Adirondack chair.  The screw holes were not only plugged, but they were plugged with a dark epoxy.  The epoxy saves time and adds protection to the area of the chair that will likely break down first (the screw hole).

The design of this chair’s back slats was inspired by the gardengate of the Greene brothers-designed Thorsen house.

The unique style of this chair matches some of the elements that Greene and Greene are famous for in their architecture.  The use of negative space in the back slats and in the leg make this unique and beautiful.  The joinery is a more complex than many pieces of Adirondack furniture.  You could alter the joinery used, but if you wish to stay true to the plan, you will note the through tenons that add strength and interest to the piece.

Overall, this is one of my favorite Adirondack chair designs.  Frankly, I am running out of room in my own back yard but this will be next in line when I am called on to build another Adirondack for my outdoor space.

Click on the picture to view the full plans.  Good luck building this fine example of outdoor furniture.

A beautiful Adirondack chair that is built to last
  • Beautiful design
  • High end wood
  • Stylish
  • Expensive materials

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4 of 5

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  • mark quirin

    November 17, 2011 #1 Author

    How do you enlarge the template??
    Can you purchase the actual size template somwhere??


    • admin

      November 18, 2011 #2 Author


      You can try various methods to enlarge a woodworking template, but the grid is supposed to allow you to do so with a transfer from the scale drawing to your full sized piece. The grid should be 1″ squares. You can recreate this on your pieces and then measure and mark the points. Unfortunately the plans are not available. You could probably ask a CNC shop to take this image and cut it out of some material for you. This would obviously cost a little, but it would be exact.

      Good luck.


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