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Amazing Free Wooden Drawing Board Plans Amazing Free Wooden Drawing Board Plans

Salutations Woodworkers!

As you know, we have been adding to the workshop recently. I came across these wonderful wooden drawing board plans I thought you would absolutely love. Now, technical drawing is not always a favorite task, and with our computers being as capable as they are today, planning a woodworking project on the computer seems to be preferable to most. However, it helps to get your hands on your plans sometimes, and with this fully adjustable drawing board / drafting board (both sitting and standing positions), you are able to be more hands on than ever.

The link I’ve attached leads you to an overview of the plans. On the webpage is a link to a small PDF file containing the complete free plans. All of which which I downloaded in under a minute; let me just say, the wooden drawing board plans are very thorough. First they give you a clear materials list, followed by comprehensive step-by-step instructions. I happen to be somewhat of a purist, so these plans spoke to me – clean, concise, to the point – I loved them, and I do hope you will love crafting this drawing board. Have fun everyone!

free drafting drawing board plans

If the plan is not available at the target site, we have a local copy of the PDF version.  Comment below if you have any trouble.

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