Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Simple and Beautiful Bench Plan
If you are like me, you enjoy simple and beautiful projects. This bench plan from instructables certainly fits that description. As a woodworker, you have probably build a number of benches in your past and understand that it is the most basic items you can build. Well, get inspired... Read more
Amazing Free Wooden Drawing Board Plans
Salutations Woodworkers! As you know, we have been adding to the workshop recently. I came across these wonderful wooden drawing board plans I thought you would absolutely love. Now, technical drawing is not always a favorite task, and with our computers being as capable as they are today, planning... Read more
Mission Style Bookcase Plans
This is a beautiful mission style bookcase plan.  You might call it “Craftsman Style”, as you might find in furniture from the Roycroft movement.  It isn’t a free plan, but this is a beautiful project.   I built this for my own home with a few modifications.  The cabinet... Read more
Arts and Crafts Style Desk
This arts and crafts style library table, or desk, is a beautiful addition to any home.  The lines are simple and the material should work with any decor.  This project will require some advanced woodworking skill and tools, but the end result is terrific. Some people will refer to... Read more