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Simple A-Frame Swing Set Plans Simple A-Frame Swing Set Plans

One of the more popular plans at are the playset plans.  They never go out of style and what kid (or parent) wouldn’t want one?


Some of our swing set / play set plans are rather elaborate with forts on top, and picnic tables and/or sandboxes underneath.  The following plan is a simple one and would help you to create a basic foundation for any swing set.  I knew someone who decided to “wing it” when he built his kids swing set and he quickly found that his estimation of the base width wasn’t very safe.

Take a look at this plan from Advantage Lumber. Click the link at the bottom of the post, or the image above to see the full plan.  The plan includes a complete material list and cutting list.

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy.

Plans How to Build a Wood Swing Set.

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