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Free Club House Plans Free Club House Plans

Free Club House Plans

Growing up, my counsins and I had a cheap pastel colored plastic monstrosity play house that my parents gladly shoved in the back corner behind some bushes. This Free Club House Plan is not only the perfect play palace, it’s also an attractive addition to an outdoor living space.

Club House Plans

Club House Plans

What I like about this plan are the open windows that make watching the kids from a far a little bit easier. It’s a pretty simple build and an excellent way to get your child involved in a woodworking project. The authentic roof is a great touch and with some shelves or build in boxes it could double as a storage solution for toys scattered throughout the yard.  Just click on the image for the instructional guide.

When you are building this club house, consider the future use.  When I built my own, I had a narrow door until a neighbor came by and asked if my lawnmower would fit through…. (cricket noise here, light bulb over head).  The plan changed on the spot. An extra 4″ width on the door and I have a storage shed once my son vacates his play house!

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