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There are many schools that have woodworking programs that will often publish free wood plans.  I came across a set of free woodworking plans today from Purdue.  It looks like these are part of a 4H program.

There are 12 plans in all and all of the woodworking plans are at beginner level. They are great projects to work on with your children.  Simple, and rewarding.

  1. Gardening bench plans
  2. Step ladder plant stand plans
  3. Footstool plans
  4. Cutting board plans
  5. Miter box plans
  6. Saw horse plans
  7. Book rack plans (adjustable)
  8. Book holder plans
  9. Bench vise plans
  10. Tape and paper clip dispenser
  11. Grocery bag storage plans
  12. Plant stand plans (mission style)

12 Free wood plans that are great for a beginner or a children’s woodworking plan (pdf)

As I was looking through these plans, I realized that I made a variation on this plant stand about 10 years ago (picture below).

Free plant stand plans

Free plant stand plans

There is also a plan for a simple gardening or garden bench plan.  Picture below.  These benches are low cost, easy to build, and will last for years.

Free bench plans

Free bench plans

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