Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Small Stool Plan

Not only did we build this project, but we did a couple of videos to help others. We were able to build the entire plan with just a 2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood. In the first video we demonstrate the “building” of the project: In the second, for those…

Taper Jig for Table Saw
If you are an avid woodworker, you have probably run into a need to cut an accurate taper for things such as table legs.  Here are some wood plans for a simple table saw taper jig that will make the project go quickly and won’t require you to figure... Read more
Cheap workbench plans
If you don’t already have your own workbench, or want a simple and cheap workbench plan, this is a good starting point. The materials are common and the structure is stable. Best of all, the project plans are simple and can be built in a couple of hours. Materials... Read more
Downdraft Sanding Table
Not only is the does this project server as a great downdraft sanding table, but the table does double duty as an additional work surface, or, as a terrific table saw out feed table. If you work with plywood, and don’t already have a table saw extension, you will... Read more