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Small Stool Plan Small Stool Plan

Not only did we build this project, but we did a couple of videos to help others. We were able to build the entire plan with just a 2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood.

In the first video we demonstrate the “building” of the project:

In the second, for those Sketchup users, we show how we do a plywood layout for this stool.

The following stool plan is from The Family Handyman magazine.  This is a simple, lightweight, and sturdy stool.  This can be taken from job to job and can carry your tools and the bottom shelf.

The nice thing is that you can build this stool in no time and it can be build with what amounts to leftover plywood pieces.   Every job site would be well served with a stool like this.  It doubles as a nice little bench on the job and is perfect as a table to cut from.

Small stool plans

Part Layout and Dimensions

Full Instructions: How to Build a Small Bench | The Family Handyman

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