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Downdraft Sanding Table Downdraft Sanding Table
Downdraft table plans

Downdraft table plans

Not only is the does this project server as a great downdraft sanding table, but the table does double duty as an additional work surface, or, as a terrific table saw out feed table. If you work with plywood, and don’t already have a table saw extension, you will certainly appreciate this.

Fighting to keep down in the workshop is a constant battle. A downdraft table does a real nice job of helping to eliminate some of the dust while sanding large or small woodworking projects. I have heard of people using their downdraft table when using other tools in the shop. It creates an air flow that draws the fine dust that is in the air toward the table. The benefits of this down draft sanding table are many. Good luck with the project.  Click on the image to reach the free plans.  The link will take you to a post that has 10 free downdraft table plans.

downdraft sanding table

Click on the picture of the sanding table to link to the complete plans.

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