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Mini Router Table Mini Router Table
Mini Router Table

Anyone who has been using a router for some time has probably worked on a project where the router was simply too much of a beast to be able to effectively do the job. Smaller projects often call for some level of precision and don’t often provide a stable base to use a router. When faced with a situation like this, the people at Wood Magazine decided to utilize a rotary tool. However, using the rotary tool instead of the router gave them the control over the tool (and the added safety that came from that) but didn’t allow the precision need for the project.

By creating a mini version of a router table, they were able to meet all needs. Control, safety, and precision. Take  a look at this great “mini” router table. A terrific project for any shop.

Rotary tool router table

Rotary tool router table

via Mini Router Table.

A nice project to add precision and safety to a standard rotary tool
  • Simple
  • Uses scrap material
  • Small Scale

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