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Drill and Bit Organizer Drill and Bit Organizer

Drill organizer
If you are like me, your workshop might be a mess from time to time. You are working on more than one project and your power tools from each might not be put away. Your bits are out of their cases and the scrap wood and other material that you can’t bring yourself to throw out is on the floor or stacked in a poor manner. Enough about my messy work shop.

Every little thing that I do to keep my shop organized makes me happy. Why don’t you do the same for yourself. Here are some simple plans for a drill and drill bit center that is wall mounted, exposed and easy to use. What is the number one reason that we don’t put our tools away? Done guessing? Because we can’t easily access the tool before or after it is put away.

Have your tools out in the open is a double edged blade. They are easily accessible and simple to put away, BUT, they will be subject to wood dust from future projects. This rack is very open and is easy enought to blow off. You could even fashion your own hinged cover if you would like to use up some wood scraps.

Good luck with this simple and enjoyable workshop project.

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