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Folding work bench plans. Folding work bench plans.

A fellow woodworker asked if I had a plan for a folding workbench or work center. I was able to come up with a few and have listed them here. A folding work bench is an ideal solution for a small shop, or for a shop that shares floor space in the garage.

folding workbench

The next folding workbench plan is ideal for someone looking for a fixed bench, but needs to make room for other tools. It attaches to your shop wall and folds down to make room. It has a 2 tier design that is quite clever.

folding workbench

The final folding workbench plan is almost a combination of the first 2 plans. It attaches to a wall and folds down, yet has ample work surface similar to the first workbench.

folding work center,2037,DIY_13936_3927170,00.html

Good luck with whichever plan you select.

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