Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Workbench Plans from Workbench Magazine Free Workbench Plans from Workbench Magazine
Free workbench plans

Free workbench plans

What is the first thing any workshop needs? Tools? Right. Okay, even before tools, you will need a workbench. You could work on the ground, but that isn’t too good on your back. A workshop needs a functional and sturdy workbench.  This free workbench plan comes from the folks who know a thing or two about a quality workbench. In fact, that is their name… “Workbench Magazine”.

When I consider a workbench, I have a number of criteria that need to be met.

  • Sturdy – My bench should be built to last a couple of generations.
  • Tool Storage – Having tools and hand is a big plus.
  • True Surface – When gluing up, a true surface is a must.
  • Clamp Ready – A nice overhang to clamp to.
  • Power Source – It is always nice to get your juice right where you are working rather than having electrical cords strewn about
  • Portable – Certainly not a must, but in a small workshop, this is a huge plus.

Well, guess what?  This free workbench plan has all of the above.  On top of that, it is attractive (if you go to the trouble). And a relatively straightforward build. Take your time and build it properly.  There is nothing worse than working in a subpar environment.

Click on the picture to view/download the free workbench plan (filetype:PDF).

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