Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Entertaining Shelf » Rogue Engineer

We turned a blank wall space in our screen in porch to an awesome little serving station! This floating shelf can be used for storage and can be converted into a serving bar by simply flipping the top. It would also make for a great workstation or floating desk. You…

Super Sturdy DIY Workbench – Standalone

I can’t believe that I haven’t written about this workbench in the past. This is a fantastic project from the family handyman magazine that will cost about $50 and is a bench that will stand the test of time. I like this bench because it’s a real Standalone unit. By…

Outdoor Party Station Plans
 Well, the fourth of July may have just passed, but there is still plenty of summer left.  There is always next year as well.  This all purpose outdoor party station, beverage cart, service cart, game storage cart…… is versatile to say the least. The plans come from the power... Read more
Free Picnic Table Plans
Nothing says summer like a cook out eaten at a picnic table.  These free plans are for a handsome cedar picnic table that will dress-up any backyard. Multiple pages layout the building of the table and benches.  The benches for this table are smaller than the table top for... Read more
Free and SIMPLE Garden Bench Plans
No garden is complete without a place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  These free plans to build a bench are just what is needed.  This is a very basic plan with a basic layout and can be built by virtually anyone with a few tools. Adjust the plans... Read more
Free Shed Plans with Sliding Door
  The following plan comes from the University of Tennessee. If you aren’t comfortable with a shed plan that has a traditional roof line, this simple shed roof design might be right up your alley.  The plans are more of a blueprint style than a step by step, but... Read more
Free Shed Plans 10 x 12
Free Bat House Plans
Bats help to reduce annoying insects but they need a place to live.  These free plans are the perfect way to increase the bats in your area without having them move into your attic. There is even a video tutorial to go along with this project and a bat... Read more
Free Garden Trellis Plans
Free Dog House Plans
This handsome dog house is a perfect outdoor home for your beloved pet.  These free plans will have your canine companion out of in the rain in style. Illustrations and photos follow along with the written directions.  The painting process is detailed as well to recreate the final project... Read more
Free See-Saw Plans
See-saw or Teeter Totter, which ever name you use this is an easy and fun project.  An inexpensive build is what these free plans promise.  You can even recycle an old tire in the process. Your materials list, many of these items probably can be found in the scrap... Read more
Free Horseshoe Pit Plans
It is time to get outside to enjoy the spring weather.  It is also time to start working on this free plan for a horseshoe pit in your own backyard. Your materials list is as follows: 2 x 4 Eight-Foot Pressure-Treated Boards (12) 5/4” x 6 Twelve-Foot Pressure-Treated Decking... Read more

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