Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free See-Saw Plans
See-saw or Teeter Totter, which ever name you use this is an easy and fun project.  An inexpensive build is what these free plans promise.  You can even recycle an old tire in the process. Your materials list, many of these items probably can be found in the scrap... Read more
Free Horseshoe Pit Plans
It is time to get outside to enjoy the spring weather.  It is also time to start working on this free plan for a horseshoe pit in your own backyard. Your materials list is as follows: 2 x 4 Eight-Foot Pressure-Treated Boards (12) 5/4” x 6 Twelve-Foot Pressure-Treated Decking... Read more
Free Hammock Stand Plans
There is no better way to spend a beautiful summer day than in your hammock.  These free plans will guide you through building of your own hammock stand for your yard. The materials you will need for this project are: Beams: 2 x 6 Lumber- 72” Long (2) Base:... Read more
Free Outdoor Bar Plans
You will be ready to get the party started in your backyard with this outdoor bar.  These free plans include pictures and illustrations in its step by step guide.  The plans suggest a specific brand of small saw but any saw will do. The plans are in a printer-friendly... Read more
Free Rabbit Hutch Plans
With Easter fast approaching make sure your bunny has a place to live in comfort.  These free plans will make your bunny at home in your backyard. You will need the following materials: Plywood Hinges Wood Boards (2×4 recommended) Nails or Screws Ties (Metal) Wires Shingles (Optional but Recommended)... Read more
Free Wishing Well Plant Stand Plan
A nice addition to any garden is delivered in these free plans for a Wishing Well Plant Stand.  It is great for shade loving plants. Simple drawings with good labels lead the way down the garden path to ultimate completion.  Well written directions will not lead you astray.  You... Read more
Free Arbor Swing Plans
Read the instructions completely before building this project. There is a revised material list at the bottom of this post along with comments regarding changes needed. The DIY site has information that is different from their actual plans.An arbor swing is a lovely way to accent your garden or... Read more
Free Grill Cart Plan
It’s time to get ready for the summer grilling season and this grill cart plan will start it off properly. The perfect grilling companion to keep the summer fun (and food) rolling.  This free plan is all about making it easier to stage and prepare your grill culinary masterpieces. ... Read more
Free Cedar Strip Door Mat Plans
Make your front step stands-out with this cedar strip door mat.  The free plans will have you building a door mat using the same principals used to build a deck.  For a beginner it might be a good place to start to understand the basics of building a deck... Read more
Free Raised Bed Garden Plans
Just because you have a dog does not mean you cannot have an attractive garden.  These free plans show you how to make a raised bed for your garden.  This plan even includes a video tutorial. Collect the following supplies: Sides: 200 x 50 x 1750mm H4 Pine Sleepers... Read more