Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Tall Planter Plans with Hidden Hose Storage

This is an easy and fun project. We have some PVC planters that are way past their prime. Since it is time for some new planters, I thought I would take the time to find a cool looking replacement. Well, thanks to the wonders of my “Instructables” daily email, these…

Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Entertaining Shelf » Rogue Engineer

We turned a blank wall space in our screen in porch to an awesome little serving station! This floating shelf can be used for storage and can be converted into a serving bar by simply flipping the top. It would also make for a great workstation or floating desk. You…

Free Children’s Playground Plans
This is a free plan for s children’s playground.  Boasting a swing, slide, and sandbox, there is plenty to keep your little ones entertained for hours outside.  The out of pocket costs are high on this project but the rewards are greater. Tools needed: 3/8” and ½” bits 3”... Read more
Free Covered Sandbox Plans
Sandboxes give children countless hours of outdoor entertainment.  The roof over this sandbox will help to keep yard debris and rain out of the play area.  These free plans will have you adding the sand to the finished project before you know it. The estimated time for this project... Read more
Plans for a half round bench
Have you ever been sitting out by a fire in your back yard and wished for a nice bench that fit everyone?  Well, it is time to build one of your own.  This how-to/plan is from “A Beautiful Mess”.  Unfortunately, the plan is not very detailed in terms of heights... Read more
How to Build a Picnic Table with Built-in Cooler
We have featured a number of picnic table plans in the past. In fact, we might have included a plan that had a cooler in the middle. We decided to feature this picnic table plan from The Home Depot because of how thorough, relatively simple, and well documented it is.... Read more
Fantastic Garden Cart Plans
If you have ever had trouble using a wheelbarrow then look on further. Spike Carlsen, a former editor for The Family Handyman, has come up with a fantastic design for a new and improved wheelbarrow. He has a lot of gripe about the old design so he improved on... Read more
Sturdy, and Simple Footstool Plans
Click Here or the image to find the plan! This stool plan comes straight from This footstool is a very simple design, but looks very elegant. It will surely make any company who happens to see it jealous. The project itself isn’t exactly a difficult one, but the... Read more
Garage Bump-Out Addition Plan
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Having a problem with the amount of space in your garage? Well look no further! The awesome folks at have come up with a nifty idea to give you more room in your garage for atv’s, motorcycles, or just... Read more
Concrete and Wood Garden Bench Plan
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Sitting in the garden on a bright and sunny day is the most relaxing experience. That is unless you don’t have a trusty bench to sit on. has provided a very zen concrete and wood bench design that will... Read more
Easy, and Adaptable Treehouse Plan
Click Here or the image to find the plan! Here comes a really easy to follow plan for how to build a treehouse in any tree you can find around your home.  The pdf booklet was created by  The plan is full of exceptional images created in CAD... Read more
Stylish Sandbox for the Kids
Click Here or the image to find the plan! One thing I did when I was a kid was watch Bob Vila on TV. I didn’t understand half the stuff he said back then, but I still watched none-the-less. This plan comes from the man’s website. It shows us... Read more