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Sturdy, and Simple Footstool Plans Sturdy, and Simple Footstool Plans

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This stool plan comes straight from This footstool is a very simple design, but looks very elegant. It will surely make any company who happens to see it jealous. The project itself isn’t exactly a difficult one, but the plan doesn’t go over every last detail about how to build the stool so unless you know a bit about woodworking prior you may get lost.

The design is very compact, yet it can support two feet side-by-side with room to spare. It also has a wide base so as to make it more stable than other stools you have seen. It is a very plain design, but when stained could easily be an elegant part of your living room as a chair-side stool. As for materials necessary to build, it calls for mahogany. You can use any wood you like for the construction, but the creators recommend mahogany because it is easier to create the stool with it. One big road block is the use of through-mortise-and-tenon joints. If you are inexperienced with the use of this kind of joint it may be difficult to construct for it has to be absolutely perfect or else it won’t work. This is a quick weekend project that can help you practice the creation of through-mortise-and-tenon joints. Have fun and get crafting!

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