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Fantastic Garden Cart Plans Fantastic Garden Cart Plans
If you have ever had trouble using a wheelbarrow then look on further. Spike Carlsen, a former editor for The Family Handyman, has come... Fantastic Garden Cart Plans

garden cart wheelbarrow plans

If you have ever had trouble using a wheelbarrow then look on further. Spike Carlsen, a former editor for The Family Handyman, has come up with a fantastic design for a new and improved wheelbarrow. He has a lot of gripe about the old design so he improved on the original design to make it more useful for all of your outdoor needs.

What makes his design so much better? Well for starters the fact that it has two wheels instead of one makes it so it doesn’t tip over. The large tires make sure that it rolls smooth across any surface. The massive bucket allows for larger loads without the strain on the body. Probably the best feature is the fact that it tips over for loading so that you don’t have to lift up so high when loading.

He does say that his old wheelbarrow is still used, but he leaves it for the really heavy transportation, or for mixing concrete. Since its not extremely similar to a wheelbarrow he has decided to go around calling it a “cart” rather than a wheelbarrow.

Now to get to the good stuff. Over all the project will take about a weekend and cost around $100. If you know your way around the shop it should be a cake walk, but if you’re just starting out it might not be the best thing to start with unless you’re super confident. Spike provides an entire shopping list of materials to make sure that you don’t miss anything. The construction itself is fairly simple and should prove simple enough once everything is cut out and ready for combining. Get building this fantastic garden cart, and as always, stay crafty!

  • Dimitris

    February 1, 2015 #1 Author

    What program did you use to make these plans?


    • WoodworkCity

      February 1, 2015 #2 Author


      These plans come from Family Handyman magazine. I am not sure what program that they use since they are a publisher and likely using something specific to their industry. However, you can do much of the same in the program “SketchUp” ( If you aren’t a user, I would strongly recommend it. Watch some videos on using Layers in SketchUp and you will be able to recreate what was done by Family Handyman.

      Here is a fantastic “How To” that shows how to use SketchUp in a way similar to the diagram in this plan.

      Take a look at the article:

      Good luck.


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