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Free P-51 Whirligig
The P-51 Mustang was one of the best fighter planes from World War II.  Add this P-51 whirligig to patrol your garden with these free plans. Your material list is as follows: Horizontal Stabilizer and Wings: ½” x 11” x 30 ½” Exterior Plywood Fuselage: ¾” x 7 ½”... Read more
Corbel or Bracket Layout / Pattern
When building a shed, cottage, or home you might want to add corbels to include a classic feature that has been used for hundreds of years. With today’s building techniques the function of a corbel is probably not needed. In the past, a corbel was a bit more than... Read more
Free Carport plans

Free Carport plans

Outdoor Plans December 17, 2015 0

Keep your car out of the weather with these free plans for a carport.  Much simpler to build than a garage, but still giving protection to your vehicles. I would suggest figuring out your needs before running out to buy your materials.  You may need a taller carport than... Read more
Free Chicken Coop Plans
Build this chicken coop that has unique Victorian styling.  Yes, I said it- Victorian styling.  Not your run of the mill chicken coop but a work of art that is also very utilitarian. These free plans are very detailed with both text and pictures.  The plan includes both metric... Read more
Picnic Table Plans – Free and Fancy
A picnic table is often one of the most simple plans that you can build. With some basic lumber and a few cuts you can end up with an 8′ picnic table that will last you for years. If you are looking to build something along those lines, but... Read more
Free Wood Shed Plans
A wood shed is the ideal place to store your firewood.  These free plans will have your firewood out of the elements keeping them dry all year long. Here is a list of tools you will need; Hammer Tape Measure Framing Square Miter Saw Drill Machinery Screwdriver Sander Safety... Read more
How to Build a Garden Bench
We have featured a number of garden bench plans over the years but we are always interested when we come across a new plan that is a different style, a different material set, or a different skill set. This garden bench plan from Family Handyman fits the bill in... Read more
Free Wheelbarrow Planter Plans
This rustic looking wheelbarrow planter is a great addition to your garden.  The free plans will have you adding this decorative piece with your plants this summer. There are two sets of plans for this wheelbarrow planter, a beginner set and a more advanced one.  The very detailed PDF... Read more
Free Garden Closet Plans
This is a plan for a small shed to hold all your lawn and garden tools.  These free plans are for those who do not have the room on their lot for a full shed.  A garden closet can be attached to your house and give you plenty of... Read more
Free Picket Fence Plans
The white picket fence is as American as apple pie.  Use these free plans to accent your yard with a picket fence.  A picket fence plan seems simple (it is), but why not give yourself a head start with this simple tutorial. Measure the area of your yard that... Read more