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Free Shed Plans 10 x 12 Free Shed Plans 10 x 12
Free Shed Plans 10 x 12

Over the years of providing free woodworking plans we came to realize that it makes sense to give our visitors what they want.  In fact, this is the time of year where there are literally hundreds of visitors each day viewing and searching for “free shed plans“.  Because of that, we figured it would make sense to provide a couple more.  We will be adding an additional shed plan tomorrow that features a sliding (barn style) door.  This will bring the total number of free shed plans up to 13.

Free Shed Plans 10 x 12

The following plan comes from ClubRust. Club Rust is an organization that builds homes for the less fortunate people living in make-shift shelters in Northern Mexico.  Hard to argue with their cause. There is certainly a need. If you feel so compelled, please visit their site at and consider a donation.

On to the shed plan.  As you can see from the photo, this plan is about as traditional as it gets.  It does incorporate a front window, but that is probably an element that you could eliminate if your budget is a bit tighter. It does provide nice light when inside and allows the shed to be used as a shelter, bunkhouse, or play house.

I like this plan since it is straighforward and very well diagrammed.  There is a complete material list and the cutting diagrams are much better than most free plans you will find.

Download the PDF of the free shed plan, 10 x 12

Source: ClubRust – Adventures In Giving South of the Border!

A great plan fro anyone looking to build their own shed.
  • Very well thought out
  • Well diagrammed
  • Cuts and notches laid out well
  • Optimal use of material

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