Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Super Sturdy DIY Workbench – Standalone

I can’t believe that I haven’t written about this workbench in the past. This is a fantastic project from the family handyman magazine that will cost about $50 and is a bench that will stand the test of time. I like this bench because it’s a real Standalone unit. By…

Folding Portable Workbench With Quick Release Vise

I’ve never been a fan of the old Craftsman workcenter style portable bench. They always seemed a little flimsy and didn’t appear to last. Well, there is a new segment that comes from a similar idea of portable workstation, but this is essentially a portable vise and sawhorse all in…

Make Woodworking Plans with Sketchup

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create woodworking plans using the 3d (CAD) drawing program “Sketchup”?  Download Sketchup here I have been using Sketchup to create wood plans, floor plans, project designs for a number of years now.   I recommend the product to anyone and everyone that…

Convenient, and Sturdy Bench
Click Here or the image to find the plan! I remember back when I was a kid and we would come into our mudroom and have no place to sit down and change out of our winter clothing. On top of that, when we did get our stuff off,... Read more
Free Lawn Swing Plans – Cool Arch Support
  The following is a relatively simple lawn swing plans that includes what many swing plans do not… the plans for the arch support! The great thing about this arch support plan is that it is a unique style that adds a lot to the design of the lawn... Read more
Build This Wooden Garden Bench
  I have always been a fan of the garden bench style that is essentially a stacked row of boards.  This is a nice plan from Popular Mechanics that utilizes this method along with spacers between each board.  This design uses more lumber than you might need for a... Read more
Build this Simple Workbench With Drawers
Now that it is nice out, we should be publishing more outdoor plans, but you will still need a great workbench to build your wonderful outdoor plans on.  This workbench project is nice, and a little different than many, since it includes built in drawers.  I built a bench... Read more
Wrap Around Tree Bench Plans
I have seen a number of wrap around benches over the years, but I haven’t come across a plan before.  I must admit that I wasn’t exactly out there looking.   It seems more like a 1970’s deck item, but it is a still a fantastic use of space... Read more
Free Porch Swing Plans
      I purchase a porch swing / patio swing from a well known mail order company about 5 years ago.  Obviously, this is something that I could have built on my own, but my wife wanted to swing and I was in the midst of a renovation... Read more
Small Stool Plan
Not only did we build this project, but we did a couple of videos to help others. We were able to build the entire plan with just a 2′ x 4′ sheet of plywood. In the first video we demonstrate the “building” of the project: In the second, for... Read more
Rustic and Simple Bench Plan
Boy do I love this bench plan.  This bench is simple, attractive and will fit in virtually any decor (dependent on the finish).   This is a bench that could fit outdoors or in.  I could see this in a mudroom, on a sunporch, in a garage, or on... Read more
Free Porch Glider Project Plans PDF
We have shared a Porch Glider Plan in the past, but a variation on the theme is always in order.  Everyone has a slightly different aesthetic and, even though the methods are essentially the same, seeing a design that suits your style is much more likely to get you... Read more
Folding Work Table – Bench Plans
The following plan is another one from American Woodworker Magazine.  Wordbench plans seem to be some of the most popular on our site.  Everyone needs a workbench or 2 and a portable (folding) unit can be ideal.  The key is to have a unit that doesn’t sacrifice stability for... Read more