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Build this Simple Workbench With Drawers Build this Simple Workbench With Drawers

Now that it is nice out, we should be publishing more outdoor plans, but you will still need a great workbench to build your wonderful outdoor plans on.  This workbench project is nice, and a little different than many, since it includes built in drawers.  I built a bench about 20 years ago and the method that I opted to use for my drawers has been fantastic.  This bench uses the same technique.  If you use your workshop, you will certainly face issues with dust.

The beauty of this system is that there is no hardware and dust cannot get to the drawer contents.  You will be building simple drawer boxes that insert into a slightly larger drawer pocket.  With this method, your parts will not wear out and your drawers will be free of dust.  To my surprise, by building my drawer boxes properly, they don’t even bind during humid weather.

workbech with drawers free plans  workbench with drawers

In any event, you can find the link to the free plans below.  Have fun building this simple bench and enjoy the clean storage.  One suggestion that the plan publisher makes is to consider building an additional bank of drawers into the lower shelf.  Not a bad idea and just a little extra plywood.

If you want to avoid the hardware on your drawer front, consider cutting a small finger notch that is about 1″ wide by 2″ in on the bottom sheet of plywood.  This is barley visible, cheaper, and a much cleaner look than using the hardware.

Good luck.

Free Plans: 
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