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Tall Planter Plans with Hidden Hose Storage

This is an easy and fun project. We have some PVC planters that are way past their prime. Since it is time for some new planters, I thought I would take the time to find a cool looking replacement. Well, thanks to the wonders of my “Instructables” daily email, these…

Easy Adirondack Chair

Everyone loves a nice Adirondack chair.  If you are like me, it might just be the first serious woodworking plan that you decided to build. The following Adirondack chair is a very simple design that requires a minimal amount of cutting and/or technique. This is about as “beginner” as it…

Simple Outdoor Side Table

The following is another plan from the Rogue Engineer. I enjoy his straightforward designs and relatively simple plans. There are subtle uses of joint techniques and wood sizing that make these pieces look nicer than many projects you might find on a site like instructibles. This is a plan for…

Deluxe Doghouse Plans
Fido should be spending his or her sleeping hours in style.  In fact, this is a great project to learn some framing techniques that you can use on other projects such as a playhouse, a shed, another shed, or a garage. Click the image for the detailed wood plans... Read more
Garden Bench Plan
Another garden bench plan.  If you are like me, you can’t get enough of these easy to knock off plans.  In fact, wood plans like these garden bench plans from Lowe’s are the foundation of many curbside woodworking businesses.  How many times have you seen a few pieces of... Read more
Deck Chair Plans
These plans are for a cedar deck chair. I love the Adirondack style chairs but, for some, they are difficult to get in and out of. This case will call for a more upright chair. Click on the chair plan image for the full set of plans, material list,... Read more
Garden Bench Plans

Garden Bench Plans

Outdoor Plans February 20, 2007 0

Now is the time to start your spring projects. If you are like me and your projects tend to take a little time, it probably makes sense to start planning your outdoor spring projects. I know that I have an arbor in my future and you might as well.... Read more
Deck Bench Plans

Deck Bench Plans

Outdoor Plans February 13, 2007 3

Update 6/6/2012. I am very please that we located the link for the deck bench plans. Many of the larger publications and sites will change their links or delete plans altogether.  The printed version of the plans can be found by clicking on the plan image above (PDF Downloadable... Read more
Free Plans – Shed Plans Gable Style
These shed plans are are for a typical and long lasting yard building. The shed calls for a door at the front and at the back. This is ideal if you have a tractor or ATV that is reverse challenged. The plans call for the shed ti be built... Read more
Mailbox Planter Plans
If you are in the northern part of the US and are knee deep in snow right now, you certainly know what a snowplow can do to a simple mailbox that is mounted on a 4 x 4 post.  Well, you might already be propping your mail box up. ... Read more
Beautuful and Free Bird Feeder Plans
These bird feeder plans are from Plansnow and are especially useful at this time of the year.  If you live in the northeast, the ground is probably snow covered and there might not be a lot of food available for the birds. If you aren’t a bird lover, you... Read more
Free Cottage Plan

Free Cottage Plan

Outdoor Plans February 5, 2007 1

Maybe a cottage plan might not be considered woodworking, but I know that most woodworkers feel the need to build everything themselves (or with a few friends). Because of that, I will often include plans that you might consider “construction” rather than “woodworking”. This free cottage plan is a... Read more
Pergola Plans

Pergola Plans

Outdoor Plans January 31, 2007 0

Here are some great pergola plans from  This is a site that is doing a great job trying to sell their shade cloth.  What better way, but to provide plans for a number of objects that call for their shade cloth.  There are a couple of other businesses... Read more