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Tall Planter Plans with Hidden Hose Storage

This is an easy and fun project. We have some PVC planters that are way past their prime. Since it is time for some new planters, I thought I would take the time to find a cool looking replacement. Well, thanks to the wonders of my “Instructables” daily email, these…

Easy Adirondack Chair

Everyone loves a nice Adirondack chair.  If you are like me, it might just be the first serious woodworking plan that you decided to build. The following Adirondack chair is a very simple design that requires a minimal amount of cutting and/or technique. This is about as “beginner” as it…

Simple Outdoor Side Table

The following is another plan from the Rogue Engineer. I enjoy his straightforward designs and relatively simple plans. There are subtle uses of joint techniques and wood sizing that make these pieces look nicer than many projects you might find on a site like instructibles. This is a plan for…

Potting Bench Plans
Here are some great plans for a potting table or a potting bench. You might also call this a gardener’s table or bench.  There are so many great plans out there and they are buried as PDF files or worse.  This free wood plan is from Lowe’s and comes... Read more
This is a simple plan for a wishing well planter.  This is a nice garden or yard ornament and could be scaled to be a large size project.  The roof is made of cedar shingles and the body of the wishing well can be made from cedar, or pressure... Read more
Solar Shed Plans
Ron Hazelton has some great projects.  Are you in need of a new shed, or would you like to replace your existing one?  Take a look at this solar shed plan from Ron.  Building projects like this teaches you techniques that can be applied to many woodworking or construction... Read more
More planter box plans.  We posted earlier about a set of planter box plans from Black and Decker. This is a slightly different style, but has the same simple construction.  These planter boxes are constructed of 2″x4″ and 2″x2″ lumber along with some basic deck screws and nails.  There... Read more
Planter Box Plans
Three different planter box plans to choose from.  The style and construction method is the same, but the dimensions and shape of the planters varies. Good luck and have a great weekend building.  Click the image to view the complete set of plans and measured drawings.   Former direct... Read more
Arched Footbridge Plans
Yesterday, we featured a straight footbridge plan.  Today we have 2 separate arched foot bridge plans.  The second plan (below) can be modified to cover just about any span.  It is a very interesting bridge structure. Good luck with these great backyard garden bridges.  Send in your own pictures... Read more
Footbridge Plans
Here are some nice foot bridge wood plans.  Spring is here and you should start planning you upcoming woodworking projects.  If you are building a Deck, you should plan a little extra material in your delivery so that you can build this nice footbridge. These plans are from Ron... Read more
Privacy Screen Plans
When searching for this woodworking project, you might find yourself looking for a “pergola screen”, “arbor screen”, or “trellis screen”.  My wife wants something specific to provide privacy on an outdoor patio.  This isn’t exactly what she had in mind, but it might be close. Outdoor privacy screen plans... Read more
Free Porch Swing Plans
These porch swing plans will allow the average woodworker to build a porch swing that is strong, attractive and functional.   Be sure to consult with someone who knows construction prior to attaching this swing. FREE PORCH SWING PLANS Good luck with this great spring-time project. Read more
Another Picnic Table Plan
How many picnic table plans does someone need? Well, I do feel that the picnic table is a great woodworking project. It takes a low skill level. Even a beginning woodworker can build one. It takes a relatively small amount of lumber and hardware. Just a few basic tools... Read more