Solar Shed Plans Solar Shed Plans

Ron Hazelton has some great projects.  Are you in need of a new shed, or would you like to replace your existing one?  Take a look at this solar shed plan from Ron.  Building projects like this teaches you techniques that can be applied to many woodworking or construction projects.

Free shed plans - solar

Don’t worry, Ron includes a link to find the supplier for the kit.

Solar shed kit interior picture

  • Dorothy

    February 21, 2011 #1 Author

    Hi Ron….I am looking at the solar shed plan on your website. I have been able to find the kit for a 10 x 8 size, and several sites talk about ‘an extender’ to make it 10 x 12, but when I contact either Home Depot or Lowes or HandyHome and Backyard they only have the 10 x8 kits. Do you know where I can get the extender kit? I like the extender kit that has the glass windows.



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