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Deck Bench Plans Deck Bench Plans

Deck bench plans

Update 6/6/2012. I am very please that we located the link for the deck bench plans. Many of the larger publications and sites will change their links or delete plans altogether.  The printed version of the plans can be found by clicking on the plan image above (PDF Downloadable plan).

Free plans for a deck bench that can be incorporated into any deck or patio. These plans come from Black and Decker and are a great project to complete and have ready for spring. The bench plans are easy to build, look great, and will last a lifetime with minimal care. My kind of project.

How about this for a short material list:

Fasteners (stainless steel recommended)
3″ deck screws (60)
2 1/2″ deck screws (16)
1 2 × 4″ × 8′ cedar
1 2 × 4″ × 6′ cedar
4 2 × 2″ × 8′ cedar
1 2 × 6″ × 6′ cedar
1 4 × 4″ × 6′ cedar

You could substitute redwood for cedar. In my opinion, it depends on your taste and the price of the material. Generally, cedar will have more knots than redwood but might be a little less expensive.

When working with any outdoor project, I encourage everyone to choose quality fasteners. You can not get any better than stainless steel. You might balk at the price, but in a year or 2, you will thank me. There is no reaction in the wood, causing streaking, when using stainless and they will not corrode or rust like ANY other fastener.

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