Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Free Garden Trellis Plans
Your garden will be brought up to new heights with this free plan for a garden trellis.  Make a section of blank wall into a focal point by using lattice fencing and 2 x 4’s. The tools you will need: Circular Saw Speed Square Straightedge Combination Square Chisel Handsaw Drill/Driver...
Free Garden Trellis Plans
Free Arbor with Gate Plans
Free Arbor with Gate Plans Arbors or pergolas act as good permanent fixtures in outdoor landscapes. They look great surrounded by flowers in the warm months but maintain their aesthetic quality as the plants begin to wither. Add this Arbor with Gate to your backyard during the summer months... Read more
Free Porch Trellis Plans
Free Pergola / Trellis Plan
Here is another terrific pergola plan.  This is very similar to the other pergola plans provided at Woodwork City.    As with some of the other pergola offerings, this can also be built as a freestanding unit. This plan comes from one of the many fantastic Sunset books and... Read more
Plans for a Planter with Trellis
If you are anything like my wife, your patio garden might be getting a little out of hand right about now.  The runaway cucumber plant needs some support.  This project is for a planter with a trellis that will help the plantings to move up rather than out.  The... Read more