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Easy Adirondack Chair

Everyone loves a nice Adirondack chair.  If you are like me, it might just be the first serious woodworking plan that you decided to build. The following Adirondack chair is a very simple design that requires a minimal amount of cutting and/or technique. This is about as “beginner” as it…

Adirondack Style Beach Chairs

I love a plan with a nice twist.  This wood plan comes via Instructables and combines the low slung look of a beach chair with the arched back look from a classic Adirondack chair. This is a relatively straightforward plan that isn’t too difficult to follow. There are many images (something instructables…

Sleek, and Stylish Modern Adirondack Chair

Click Here or the image to find the plan! I grew up in the Adirondacks and let me tell you it is cold! But besides that, the one thing that most people think of when someone mentions the Adirondacks are Adirondack chairs. The design for this type of chair was…

Free Upright Adirondack Chair Plans
Adirondack chairs are wonderful.  They are a style that never seems to go wrong and will last for years if built properly.  The biggest negative that I hear about the function of an Adirondack chair is that it is difficult for seniors (or those with back issues) to get... Read more
Free Garden Chair and Bench Plans
The following is a beautiful, yet simple, woodworking plan from the fine folks at, makers of Thompson’s Waterseal. The plans well laid out and include items that speed a wood project.  There is a material shopping list along with a cutting list.  A woodworker looking for speed will... Read more
Free Beach Chair Plans
Free Beach Chair Plans Plastic beach chairs can ruin any natural landscape. Try complimenting your natural surrounds with your own wood and canvass beach chairs made by following this how-to wood work guide.  This free wood project could be a little bit of a challenge for amateur carpenters but... Read more
Kentucky Chair Plans
The following chair is called a Kentucky Chair. I have to apologize to all of you Kentucky fans if you reached this page looking for a Kentucky (University of Kentucky) Chair. This Kentucky chair is a cool design that is relatively simple to build and is a great outdoor... Read more
9 Steps and $20 – A Child’s Adirondack Chair
9 Steps and $20 – A Child’s Adirondack Chair This child’s Adirondack chair is a terrific project. In addition to being beautiful, this kid sized chair is inexpensive and easy to build. If you have your own Adirondack Chairs, and a 3 year old, they will wonder why they... Read more
Adirondack Chair, Footstool, and Table Plans
When deciding on outdoor furniture for a deck, patio, yard, or lakeside retreat, the Adirondack style is always a good choice.  If you search, you will see that we back that statement up with plenty of Adirondack chair plans.  I think that our site now includes more than... Read more
Adirondack Chair Plan – Jet Tools
Our latest Adirondack chair find comes from the folks at Jet Tools.  If you are a serious woodworker, or have considered a serious wood shop, you should recognize Jet Tools.  They are a terrific mid-range tool in terms of price, for the serious woodworker.  You can find Jet Tools... Read more
12 Foot Adirondack Chair!
I received a call the other day from someone looking for some Adirondack style swing plans.  I tried to point him in the right direction and we got to talking.  I was asking about his woodworking skill level and it was clear he knew what he was doing around... Read more
Free Adirondack Chair Plans
The following Free Adirondack Chair Plans come from The California Redwood Association. This is a classic Adirondack chair and probably one of the easier designs to pull off. The Adirondack chair picture below links directly to the free PDF file. This is the project that got me into woodworking... Read more
Free Adirondack Chair Plans

Free Adirondack chair plans. 8 free woodworking plans to build your own Adirondack furniture.

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