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12 Foot Adirondack Chair! 12 Foot Adirondack Chair!

I received a call the other day from someone looking for some Adirondack style swing plans.  I tried to point him in the right direction and we got to talking.  I was asking about his woodworking skill level and it was clear he knew what he was doing around the shop.  As with many woodworkers, we love to start with a plan as a guide for scale and design ideas.    Scott was no exception.

We were chatting about Adirondack projects and Scott told me about a 12 foot tall Adirondack chair that he built for Brant Lake Camp in 2005. The chair was built as a gift in celebration of the camp’s 90th anniversary.  Brant Lake Camp is in NY, just north of Lake George, NY.  Scott built the chair with his assitant Jake Ezratty, then 16.  Jake is now an Engineering student at Union College.  You have to wonder if Jake would have gone down the path to becoming an engineer if it weren’t for experiences like this.

The giant Adirondack chair is to scale and is a terrific landmark for the location.  If I was running a business selling Adirondack furniture, or even sold chairs by the roadside (like many of our readers do), I would build my own Giant Adirondack.  This would be an incredible landmark that would very likely become known.  Can’t you just hear someone giving directions and explaining “turn left at the giant Adirondack chair”.

Photos below.  Thank you to Scott and Jake for providing images.

If you are in the Colorado area, you can lend a hand to the local Habitat chapter.  It looks like Scott is a big part of the Roaring Fork Valley Habitat for Humanity chapter.

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