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Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Entertaining Shelf » Rogue Engineer

We turned a blank wall space in our screen in porch to an awesome little serving station! This floating shelf can be used for storage and can be converted into a serving bar by simply flipping the top. It would also make for a great workstation or floating desk. You…

Mid Mod Stool Plans – Easy Step Stool

If you are a fun of simplicity and function, you will appreciate this simply footstool. This is a simple project plan from Instructables (link at bottom of this plan post). This bench could be considered mid-century modern (mid mod) especially with the paint/finish below. Good luck with this great (simple)…

Click Here or the image to find the plan! As the winter months approach some of us, we’ll all be spending a ton more time indoors.  Coming inside to escape the brutal cold and grab a nice hot cup of cocoa.  Since you’re stuck inside for months on end... Read more
Simple, and Ingenious Magnetic Knife Holder
Click Here or the image to find the plan! There is nothing I hate more than sticking my hand into a drawer full of knives trying to find the right one. Seriously, whoever invented kitchen knives and didn’t think to put them all in tiny sheathes wanted me to hurt myself.... Read more
Kitchen Cabinet Plans
Ever dream of building your own Kitchen Cabinets? Well, have at it. The construction of a kitchen cabinet is not too difficult and the end result can look as good as a factory build cabinet. I was inspired to build my own kitchen cabinets for 3 reasons. Unique size... Read more
Free Corner Cabinet Plans This Free Corner Cabinet Plan shows how to use unoccupied corner in a kitchen efficiently. It’s a great place to store special glasses or cups away from those used every day. This corner cabinet plan could also would in a living room to hide small... Read more
Free Breakfast Bar Plans
Free Breakfast Bar Plans If you’ve always wanted a island in your kitchen this Breakfast Bar is a less costly and less time consuming alternative. Great for small kitchens, it provides some extra counter space and features two stools that easily slide underneath the table when not in use.... Read more
Free Folding Wine Counter Plans
Free Folding Wine Counter Plans Entertaining in small spaces requires a lot of planning and creativity, so why not put those same skills into use before the party and build this Folding Wine Counter.  It may take a little time and a lot of skill, but the wine rack,... Read more
This indoor mailbox is something that will ease the tension between the wife who wants to be clutter free and the husband who needs things to remain on the counter otherwise he will forget about them.  This is a very basic plan that can be completed in just a... Read more
Wine Cabinet Plans
These plans are for a wine cabinet that might not be what you think it is when you hear cabinet.  I would consider this more of a wine rack, but it doesn’t do the item justice and I wanted to be sure this could be found when you are... Read more
Here are some rather cool plate rack plans. It is relatively simple to make and doesn’t require a lot of tools or woodworking experience. This plate rack is a bit unique and will hold a number of items. Check out the cool plate rack plans below . Plan from... Read more
Vanity Cabinet
This vanity cabinet plan is an old plan, but is more applicable than ever. Vessel sinks are becoming all the rage, but if you have shopped for a sink cabinet combination, you will find that you choices are very limited due to the low height required for the vessel... Read more