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Kitchen Cabinet Plans Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Ever dream of building your own Kitchen Cabinets? Well, have at it. The construction of a kitchen cabinet is not too difficult and the end result can look as good as a factory build cabinet. I was inspired to build my own kitchen cabinets for 3 reasons.

  1. Unique size needed (shallow cabinet)
  2. Time (I have a lot of it over the winter months)
  3. Cost of custom order cabinets (simply not worth the price)

The basic kitchen cabinet is essentially a box made of plywood or particle board, with a face frame and doors (and/or a drawer).   In fact, there are companies out there that will handle the doors and drawers for you at a reasonable price.  Rockler Hardware even has a custom door and drawer front program.

The plans to build your own cabinets can be found by clicking on the following image:

Kitchen cabinet plans

Kitchen cabinet plans

Good luck building your own kitchen cabinets.

If you have pictures, please send them along.

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