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Simple, and Ingenious Magnetic Knife Holder Simple, and Ingenious Magnetic Knife Holder

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There is nothing I hate more than sticking my hand into a drawer full of knives trying to find the right one. Seriously, whoever invented kitchen knives and didn’t think to put them all in tiny sheathes wanted me to hurt myself. This here project from the always informative geniuses at have finally come to my aid with this nifty solution!

Why not take the knives out of the drawer and plop them right on the wall in plain sight and away from danger-prone fingers? That must have been the topic of the day when the “Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder” was brought up. It’s wicked easy to build and doesn’t ask for much of that green stuff you’ve been hoarding under your mattress.

What good could come from such a masterpiece you ask? Well that is simple!

• Knives are out of the reach of fingers.
• Your kitchen gets a lovely new center piece sure to make your neighbors jealous.
• Just think of all that extra space you’ll have in your drawer for other, less pointy things.
• You can use up that scrap of 2×4 that has been taking up space in the garage.

In the end it’s really hard to imagine life without this wonderful device. It’s so simple yet many a kitchen have been stained red by the accidental finger prick. Never more will your fingers be in danger! Click the provided picture to find out how to craft such a masterpiece and as always, stay crafty!

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