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As the winter months approach some of us, we’ll all be spending a ton more time indoors.  Coming inside to escape the brutal cold and grab a nice hot cup of cocoa.  Since you’re stuck inside for months on end why not make sure that the inside of your home is nice and spiffy?  One big thing nobody really thinks about fixin’ up is the old tabletop.  The folks at Woodlogger have revealed to us a really easy, and yes, cheap way of totally revamping your bashed and soiled tabletop.

The guy who made this plan actually got the idea from his wife, who insisted that their tabletop needed replacing.  He ended up going out and purchasing seven 1″ x 6″ x 6′ pieces of pine board.  The pine board gives the finished product that little bit of character that any kitchen deserves.  Now what they did in this here project was to tear off the top of the old table and merely replace it, which is the main cause of the low low price of around $35.  Another big thing to mention is that the traditional use of sanding down the surface was found to diminish the character of the wood that makes it so sought after.

In order to get around this problem , the creator took the time and energy and did it my hand with a low grain of sand paper.  This ended up being the bees-knees.  A few coats of a thing called Salad Bowl Finish and the renovation was complete.  Cold winter days will seem that much brighter with this fresh face in the kitchen.  Take a gander at the pdf plans for the project by clicking the image provided, and as always stay crafty!

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