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Coffee Table – Simple Plans – Great Design

I have always loved the stuff that Ana White has done. Her site is a treasure trove of great plans with many reader submissions that show you ways to customize a base plan to suit a different need. This coffee table is one of those simple projects that looks great…

Build an Industrial Style Table Without Welding

If you are someone who loves industrial looking pieces, but you don’t weld, this project might be just right for you.  Our eye can be fooled pretty easily at a glance and this table gives the appearance of having a steel frame when it is actually a wooden frame that…

Picnic Table Plans – Free and Fancy

A picnic table is often one of the most simple plans that you can build. With some basic lumber and a few cuts you can end up with an 8′ picnic table that will last you for years. If you are looking to build something along those lines, but you…

Free Outdoor Grill Cart Plan
Free Outdoor Grill Cart Plan For some reason the summer heat entices us from our air conditioned kitchens into the outdoors to make even more heat on the grill. This relatively easy how-to wood working plan is an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to extend a basic barbecue into an... Read more
Super Simple Picnic Table Plans
Super Simple Picnic Table Plans The title says it all.  These picnic table plans are super simple in terms of the construction, the material, and the hardware used.  This is a traditional picnic table plan and can be found by clicking on the picture.  These plans come from: Read more
Knock Down Picnic Table
A couple of years back, a reader of asked about a plan for a children’s table that could be assembled and then knocked-down after use (assembled like a puzzle).   We were able to locate a basic knock down table plan, but found a much more detailed one... Read more
Adirondack Chair, Footstool, and Table Plans
When deciding on outdoor furniture for a deck, patio, yard, or lakeside retreat, the Adirondack style is always a good choice.  If you search, you will see that we back that statement up with plenty of Adirondack chair plans.  I think that our site now includes more than... Read more
Mini Router Table
Anyone who has been using a router for some time has probably worked on a project where the router was simply too much of a beast to be able to effectively do the job. Smaller projects often call for some level of precision and don’t often provide a stable... Read more
Children's Picnic Table Plans
Everyone needs a picnic table in their back yard at some point.  Most of us who have kids, and relatives with kids, also understand the need for a “KIDS TABLE”. It is like a rite of passage when a kid moves up to the grown up table. Even outdoors,... Read more
Free Side Table Plans or End or Bedside
A side table is known by many names…  side table, end table, bedside table, etc. Whatever name you choose, here is a woodworking plan for a side table.   I selected this plan for a couple of reasons. The plan walks you through a tutorial of building with Google Sketchup... Read more
Would you expect anything less than awesome poker table plans from a Princeton Man? These plans are on a personal page at Princeton University.  This poker table plan is easy to follow, FREE, and a great design.  This is a plan that anyone can build and will leave you... Read more
5 Awesome and Free Picnic Table Plans
The picnic table is a terrific woodworking project that the whole family can participate in, take pride in,  and also take advantage during the course of the year. Many people find Woodwork City when looking for free picnic table plans, so I wanted to add a few options to... Read more
I received a request for Children’s table plans that fit together like a puzzle and uses no nails or glue. Well, I was able to locate some table plans that fit the bill, but they might a little difficult to follow. I am wondering if you have plans for... Read more