I received a request for Children’s table plans that fit together like a puzzle and uses no nails or glue. Well, I was able to locate some table plans that fit the bill, but they might a little difficult to follow.

I am wondering if you have plans for a kids picnic table that uses no nails or glue? All the pieces fit together like a puzzle.

Plans for a table that requires no glue or hardware

Janet, I think that this is probably what you are after. It is a table that is constructed from 1 sheet of plywood and fits together without hardware, like a puzzle.

Good luck. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Source: Roger Knapp Pediatric Medical

  • Janet

    March 22, 2007 #2 Author

    I’m at carpentry student at Manatee Technical Institute, aged 58 and has just this week completed my first quarter.
    I will be building this for my first grandson’s 3rd birthday. He loves to put things together and take them apart.
    I’m going to let everyone in my class know about your site when school starts again in April.
    Thanks for the plans, and the very prompt reply.
    I’ll send you a photo of my finished table.


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