Free woodworking plans from woodwork city
Pergola over a Deck Project
This is a great project if you have a deck (or patio) and would like a little bit of cover with a fantastic look. This project is from DIY and even includes video for some of the steps.  It is a big project that you shouldn’t tackle solo due... Read more
Garden or Deck Chair Plans
The following are a couple simple wood plans for chairs that you might call “Deck Chairs”, “Patio Chairs”, or “Garden Chairs. The first is from Lowe’s.  The picture is linked to the free woodworking plan.  You can print the plan and bring it into a Lowe’s store.   You... Read more
Free Cat Tree Plans
Thanks to a free plan request from “Janet” on 6/23/2009, we have compiled a short list of cat tree plans.  In Janet’s case, she is looking to build something so that her cat can sit higher up while on the porch (my guess is that the cat wants a... Read more
Free Woodworking Catalog
If you haven’t requested your free woodworking catalog yet, I would encourage you to do so. This is a supply catalog from Rockler Hardware and has virtually anything that a woodworker will need. I mean it, anything. Wood, glass panes, drawers, hardware, turning blanks, tools, etc… Free Woodworking Catalog Read more
Free Cottage Plan

Free Cottage Plan

Outdoor Plans February 5, 2007 1

Maybe a cottage plan might not be considered woodworking, but I know that most woodworkers feel the need to build everything themselves (or with a few friends). Because of that, I will often include plans that you might consider “construction” rather than “woodworking”. This free cottage plan is a... Read more
Redwood Fence Plans
Update 3/22/2012: I am not sure how I managed to post this without updating the photo to show the fence that we built alongside my back yard patio. A must read if you are building or installing your own fence. I am happy that I came across this site.... Read more
In the spirit of the holidays, here are a couple of free scroll saw woodworking plans (patterns). Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of you might want to decorate with some of your own handywork. Here are a couple of Turkey Patterns to use. If you have... Read more