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Free Cat Tree Plans Free Cat Tree Plans

Thanks to a free plan request from “Janet” on 6/23/2009, we have compiled a short list of cat tree plans.  In Janet’s case, she is looking to build something so that her cat can sit higher up while on the porch (my guess is that the cat wants a better view).

Here are a few plans to suit the needs of a beginner or intermediate woodworker.  Good luck.

  1. Cat Tree Plans

    Cat Tree Plans

  2. cat condo plans

    cat condo plans

  3. cat perch plans

    cat perch plans

  4. Cat Tower Plans

    Cat Tower Plans

  5. Free cat tower condo plans

    Free cat tower condo plans

Good luck to anyone with a cat who is looking to build their own cat tower or cat condo.  I hope that the free plans help!

  • Doug Taylor

    March 1, 2010 #1 Author

    The plans for the cat tower look great! We have been needing something for our Siamese cat and our other gray cat. After seeing how much those things are at Petco or Petsmart I had been looking for some good guide to make it myself. This will work perfectly. Hope to get started this weekend. Thanks for the link.


    • admin

      March 2, 2010 #2 Author

      Happy that you liked the cat tree plans. Enjoy your project!


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